Zero Waste

Ensuring the protection of the environment is essential in the mining industry for both social license and the regulatory license to operate. Mining operations require large amounts of energy and significant volume of water. Thus, mining companies can demonstrate leadership in environmental protection by using natural resources efficiently and conserving the environment.

Mining is intrinsically an extractive endeavor. Therefore, for the sustainability of our mining operations, it is vehemently important for us to replenish the resources that we have extracted and return the environment back to its original pristine condition. Mining industry also generates a lot of waste due to its innate inefficiencies in the processing; produce a large quantity of waste and tailings, which can present a hazard to the environment and to the society nearby. Therefore, a very ambitious, a lofty goal of having a “Zero Waste” motto and designing all our process striving to achieve that goal is central to our mining and mineral processing operations.

In all our mining operations, provisions, comprised of financial, engineering and design wise, are taken to secure the reclamation of the mining sites at the time of mine closures.

Lastly, our exploration efforts are aimed at the replenishing the chromite i.e., reserves which are taken out of the ground for commercial and financial purposes. And, these exploration efforts have been increased tenfold over the years to improve our sustainability of our mining and metallurgical operations.

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