Yılkrom embarks on mining exploration and reserve-resource development activities by the company licenses. Yılkrom researches secure investment opportunities in markets including vanadium, molybdenum, cobalt, lithium and gold. The company is looking for diversification opportunities in Central Asia, Balkans, Africa and South and North America.

All activities are executed in line with international standards and QA/QC protocols. Routine efforts continued into the light of recent scientific developments and technology.

As of 2019, 7 operational licenses and 27 exploration licenses in Turkey, 5 exploration licenses in Kazakhstan are owned by Yılkrom. In Turkey, the company owns a total of 6280 hectares of operational licensed sites, and 28640 hectares of exploration-licensed sites, totaling 34920 hectares of licensed area on different geological belts. In addition, Yılkrom takes part in a joint venture project as technical operator.

Yılkrom, with newly acquired 6 MAPEG mining license, has 31 chromium, lead-zinc, iron and barite license assets are located in 9 provinces in Turkey: 5 licensed sites in Hatay, 4 in Adana, 9 in Elazığ, 2 in Konya, 6 in Erzincan, 1 in Kayseri, 2 in Muğla, 2 in Gaziantep, 1 joint venture site in Kütahya.

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