Who we are

We Discover the Unseen Values of the World.

Yılmaden Holding, established in 2014, is the metals and mining division of Yıldırım Group of Companies, a fast-growing industrial conglomerate based in Istanbul, Turkey. At Yılmaden, we work together across all business units located in 7 different countries with one objective that is extracting the valuable minerals such as chromite from the ground and turn it into ferroalloys, chrome metals and chemicals.

Chrome is the only element in the periodic table, which provides the corrosion resistance to steel and converts steel to stainless steel. Stainless steel is directly related to modern life and it is a sign of advance development.

We are passionate about exploration, which is the lifeblood of mining. Moreover, we are experts in underground or open pit mining, experienced in all kinds of mineral processing for enrichment of the ore and specialized in mechanical and metallurgical furnace control for ferrochrome production. In commodity market, Yılmaden commercial department is known as the market maker and mover and hold chairmanships in several international commodity associations.

Mining is often done in remote locations that have sensitive and beautiful environments and on land shared by the local and/or indigenous peoples. We work in a way that delivers real lasting benefits for the company as well as for the communities at large.

The four characteristics and traits of our people that enable us to work in this mentality can be summarized as:

We have high energy, which enables us to work passionately to discover the unseen mineral riches of the world,

We are entrepreneurial and thereby continuously looking for opportunities including cross border acquisitions and/or investments,

Being innovative allows us to create new produts and new markets, to invent new processes and to grow our market share. We continuously and unconventionally strive to reduce our production costs.

Our “Can-do” attitude propels us to explore, mine and process mineral resources in remote corners of the world with minimal impact on the environment, utilizing and hiring the local talent. We turn corporate social responsibility projects into the fair share to local and national economies.

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