Value Chain

We are a trusted partner to all affected stakeholders and communities throughout the life cycle of our operations. While businesses typically generate economic growth and opportunity in communities in the forms of jobs and procurement, the expectation from the companies is to better align with the community. As community engagement can be considered as an usual way of doing business for mining companies, the importance of building support for projects and operations continues to increase and evolve. We are expected to proactively engage key stakeholders on sustainable development challenges in an open and transparent manner.

We undertake social and economic impact assessments to understand the implications of our activities and reduce any negative impacts throughout the life cycle of our operations. We collaborate with local communities to develop clear and transparent agreements, which are essential to provide “social license to operate”.

Corporate Social Responsibility is something we take very seriously and over the years, it has turned into a strategic tool for the branding of Yılmaden as a viable company to do business with. As a result, our relations with the stakeholders locally and at the national level, have been extremely accommodating which opens the way through more investment in different parts of the world.

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