Trading & Marketing


Our chrome ore sales and marketing activities are based in the headquarter, in Istanbul, and linked to our offices in Switzerland, Kazakhstan and China.

Eti Krom, as the biggest chrome ore producer in Turkey, supplies chrome to its sister ferrochrome plants in Turkey and Sweden. Any excess chrome ore is easily sold mainly to China due to our high brand reputation. Additionally, Voskhod Chrome, our chrome ore production subsidiary in Kazakhstan, provides raw material to our ferrochrome plants in Sweden. Thanks to the high flexibility in our vertically integrated supply chain, Voskhod could supply chrome either to chemical plants in Kazakhstan or to ferrochrome plants in China.


On the other hand, as the second largest High Quality High Carbon Ferrochrome (HC FeCr) producer in the world, we supply to main steel and metals industry companies. The alloys we provide are processed further to stainless steel, which becomes the foundation of today’s modern life. Our wide range of product portfolio allows us to serve many different sectors including in infrastructure, transport, machinery, energy and consumer goods.

As we market broad range of high quality chrome alloys, we passionately work to maintain long-lasting commercial relationships with our customers based on trust, reputation and market expertise.

Our sales and marketing teams are working closely with the operations department, which allows us to manage resources more efficiently, identify customer needs quickly and improve the products and services in a way that maximizes customer satisfaction.

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