Yilmaden is currently comprised of 12 companies in 7 countries: Turkey, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Russia, USA, Columbia and Uzbekistan. Together, these subsidiaries make Yilmaden the 4th major player in the global chromium industry as well as the only company to produce chrome ore and high quality high carbon ferrochrome in 4 different countries, in order to hedge risks for its long-term customers around the world.

Yilmaden Holding continues to hunt for international opportunities and investments to develop its capabilities and productivity while placing sustainability at the heart of all its strategies, decisions and actions. Yilmaden’s mission is to focus is on exploring, mining and processing mineral resources with minimal impact on the environment, in addition to highest efficiency in resource management via its “zero waste” philosophy.

The company owns and operates;

  • Eti Krom, the largest chrome mine and ferrochrome plant in Turkey, established in Elazig Province
  • Vargön Alloys, the oldest and one of the largest ferrochrome producers in Europe, active in Vargön, Sweden
  • Voskhod Chrome, a modern mining facility in Voskhod, Kazakhstan
  • Tikhvin, a recently built ferrochrome operation in Tikhvin, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Bear Metallurgical Company, a ferromolibdenum and ferrovanadium production plant in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Qazaq Soda, our soda ash production Project in Kazakhstan
  • Yilkrom and DTK Metals, our subsoil exploration companies in Turkey and Kazakhstan

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