Students and New Graduates

Students and New Graduates

Yilmaden offers great opportunities for students and new graduates. They can get information from experts in their field and take part in international projects with professional guidance. Our top management especially attaches great importance to young talents and closely monitors the progress of each trainee, giving them responsibility; monitors their development.

So, how do we achieve this?

We collect trainee applications every year by attending Career Days especially in universities where there are divisions related to our sector. During the activities, we meet young, talented individuals whom we believe will be the ore of the future, and we include them in the Yılmaden family.

We provide job opportunities by evaluating trainees who have the ability to turn their theoretical knowledge successfully into practice under the mentorship of our experienced employees in the industry. Yilmaden Holding, with its international expertise, experienced professionals, and with self-development opportunities, is like a second school for new graduates who want to obtain the most accurate information in a friendly environment.

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