We perform chrome-mining activities in Eti Krom and Voskhod

We constantly strive to utilize our reserves (resources) with maximum efficiency and with little waste material as possible. In order to do this, we use elaborate calculations and IT technologies to understand the geometry and exact location of the ore. 

We perform chrome-mining activities in two different facilities in Eti Krom and Voskhod located in Turkey and Kazakhstan respectively. Both of these mines are found in Tethyan Sea belt and have very specific chrome to iron ratio that even takes place in the technical literature. Due to this high chrome to iron ratio we are able to produce one of the highest quality chrome ore and ferrochrome in the world.

Eti Krom Mining Facility

Eti Krom located in Elazığ, Turkey, utilizes mechanized and semi mechanized mines in 21 underground and 1 open-pit mine. Eti Krom almost has doubled its production to 1 million tons with less people by initiating the mechanized mining method at the beginning of 2019. Even though, mechanized mining is not a new method in mining sector, this application in Eti Krom is the first in the chrome mining in Turkey. 

On the other hand, we have initiated pre-feasibility studies for Adana Aladağ project in Turkey, which is an open pit mine project with 130 million ton chrome ore resource. Studies continue to evaluate the most efficient and most feasible extraction method.

Voskhod Mining Facility

Voskhod group of companies joined Yılmaden Holding in 2013. Voskhod is located in Khromtau, Kazakhstan. It is one of the suppliers of high-quality chrome ore in the world. In addition, Voskhod is one of the main chrome ore producers in the Central Asian region with a production capacity of 1 million tons.

The Company uses the latest methods of underground development with modern mining equipment of leading world companies, which allows significantly increase the labor capacity in comparison with the work method used on the similar enterprises of the region, as well as significantly reduce the level of manual labor and improve the safety of underground works. Due to the complex mining and geological conditions of the deposit, the shotcrete support of mine headings with the chemicals and fiber use was applied for the first time in Kazakhstan. For safety purposes of personnel working in underground conditions, the Refuge Chambers are used for the first time in Kazakhstan, which specially designed to save people in the event of a mine accident.

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