Mineral Processing

The beneficiation stage of the ore is of utmost importance in most of the mining operations

We have mineral processing plants in our subsidiaries that beneficiate and enrich the low quality ores and process tailings that are created as a result of ferroalloy production. In these plants, together with directly marketable product, semi end products utilized in ferroalloy furnaces, are produced. These plants that beneficiate the waste and process tailings creates significant economic value mitigating the environmental risks and contributing to maintain the sustainable production in our facilities.

Our mineral processing department in the headquarter is responsible for managing the existing operations; production planning, performance improvement, project development. Besides, this team plays an important role in technical and economic evaluation of potential investment projects.

As Mineral Processing Department, we manage and coordinate the following operations in our current facilities, i.e. Eti Krom Inc., Voskhod Chrome, Vargön Alloys, and BMC:

- Crushing

- Screening

- Beneficiation

- Briquetting

- Ore and metal recovery

- Aggregate and concrete production

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