We perceive exploration as lifeblood of sustainable mining.

Our exploration strategy is based on developing international and multidisciplinary in-house team working across multiple commodities and geographies both on greenfield (new) and brownfield (existing mine) sites. This experienced and innovative exploration team, based in Turkey, Kazakhstan and Colombia utilizes state of art technology to create breakthroughs in exploration with new discoveries in Tethyan belt, Central Asian belt and Colombia.

Our people are the most valuable asset of our business. Therefore, Yılmaden’s health and safety focus is including, but not limited to its employees, partners, contractors and suppliers. We carry out our activities with protocols that are required to meet or exceed the applicable JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee) standards.

Our three main goals in exploration are;

1. Pursuit, evaluation and acquisition of superior quality opportunities;

2. Discovering new orebodies through early stage exploration;

3. Delivery of geoscience solutions and services to create value at our existing mines.

Our exploration activities primarily focus on five commodities; chromite, vanadium, battery minerals, gold and zinc. Other high margin metals and minerals are also in our scope.


Exploration activities concentrated on podiform chromite deposits in Turkey and Kazakhstan. Our projects are mainly in the vicinity of our Guleman mine in Turkey, in the west Turkey and Kazakhstan.


We evaluate global opportunities as existed mines or brownfields.

Battery minerals

Elements like Li, Co and REE (Rare Earth Elements) are one of the main exploration target for us. We aim to evaluate opportunities in Kazakhstan, South Africa and globally selected belts.


We focus on evaluating and realizing opportunities in America, Tethyan Belt, Central Asian Orogenic belt and in other selected belts.


Exploration includes projects in the vicinity of Tufanbeyli, Turkey and Kazakhstan with a focus on carbonate hosted deposits.

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