New Technologies’ disruptive entries into the mining sector deeply affect labor intense process and change them radically. Not only traditional production techniques but also employees’ profile has been significantly affected from that change. In the era of Smart Mining, employees are expected to adapt themselves rapidly to new technologies, to be IT savvy, to develop themselves continuously, and to adapt themselves easily to multinational / multicultural business environment.

Our Work Culture

Not only our employees but also, as the employer, we revise our Human Resources processes according to new conditions.

Our innovative and entrepreneurial mindset our high energy and our can-do attitude really appeals the talents in this profile. Our work culture and the new management style enable our employees to express themselves better and as a result enable us retain our team for many years.

We provide international job opportunities to students or newly graduated talents and enable them to receive coaching / mentoring from experts through our R&D Center and subsidiaries located in seven different countries.

On the other hand, we provide professionals with the opportunity to become a part of a valuable team of experts, to participate the practices in different geographies, to deepen their knowledge and to gain international experience.

Our hidden success factor in turning international acquisitions into a success story, is to rely on local people and employ them. Our respect for differences and our cross-border management abilities that we have developed over the years through many investments in different geographies, enable us to create remarkable success stories.

our high energy
can-do attitude

Selection and Placement

In our selection and placement process, we strive to hire teammates who are able to adopt and implement our vision, mission and values, open innovation and change, visionary, dynamic, and who have desire to work in international environment.

  • Specify the Employee Needs
  • Candidate Search and Evaluation
  • Interview and Evaluation Process
  • Assessment Tools
  • Reference Check
  • Offer
  • Start
  • Orientation

Performance Management

The main purpose of Performance Management is to align employees’ focus and efforts with the company’s business goal and objectives closely. With this system, our employees focus on the right targets and increase the company productivity and service quality with the value they create. Performance Management system provides “a common language” for the company to act in the same direction.

In 2019, we moved to SAP Success Factors with great support from technology in order to realize the performance system effectively and quickly. Our performance system is based on measurable goals and competencies.

Career Management

Our priority is to attract talented employees and support their professional development while considering the company needs. We create workspaces and opportunities suitable for their careers development and make them aware of their own potential. Additionally, we plan the career movements of our employees who have the background and potential to specialize in different subjects.

Training and Development

In the age of Smart Mining, the smooth adaptation of our employees to new technologies and their continuous self-development enable us to become a sustainable mining company.

In order to carry our qualified manpower to higher levels, the strategic objectives of our company, the needs of departments and employees, career management plans, competencies are evaluated and training and development needs are determined. Based on the training content and scope, it is performed by either internal or external sources.

Fee and Benefits

Within the scope of Yilmaden Holding's Human Resources policies and business valuation system, it is ensured that the wages and benefits of the employees are determined and applied systematically.

Yılmaden Holding's Fee and Benefits Management policy is based on macroeconomic indicators, Yildirim Holding general practices, mining industry labor market conditions, the roles and responsibilities within the organization. We strive to be transparent with the principle that rewards competitive and high performance.

Following Holding's Human Resources policies, we make wage increases once a year. Individual wage increases are determined based on market wage data, budgetary assumptions, market increase forecasts, individual KPIs and the position of the employee's wage in relation to internal and external equivalent professionals.

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