Best Coal Company


Best Coal Company has been formed after completing the acquisition fo CCX's assets in early 2016.

BCC's vision and goal is to produce thermal coal in La Guajira region of Colombia, generate jobs and make synergy with our energy production company Yıldırım Energy.

BCC has 3 project under 5 licenses totaling a 714 m tons of thermal coal reserves namely Cañaverales, San Juan and Papayal. Cañaverales is a kickstart openpit whereas San Juan and Papayal are prodigious underground mine projects.

Total production per year will go beyond 35 m tons. Coal quality is above 6.000 kcal/kg NAR, which is the just benchmark specifications for European markets. Project is integrated, has its own railway and port projects, therefore it does not depend on any external port and railway.


35 million mt

Coal Specifications (%)

Net Calorific Value (kcal/kg): 6,000 ~ 6,700
Total Sulphur: % 0.5
Fixed Carbon: % 45.10
VM: % 33.26
Eq.M: % 11.6
HGI: 55
FSI: 1


  • High coal quality without any calorific value penalties,
  • Long term and reliable thermal coal supply,
  • Underground mine therefore less environmental damage,
  • Integrated project with its own port and railway facility.
  • 100% Control of Market Access & Low Internal Transport Costs: BCC has a railroad project which is only 155km to its projected port area. It has a 35 Mtpa capacity. Port has 50 Mtpa capacity with 19m max draft required for capesize. 5% of annual troughoutput stockpile capacity. 106.100 tons of coal can be loaded per day.
  • Our main objective in 2020 is to start the mining operations of the Cañaverales quarry. The feasibility of the Papayal licensed site has been updated and the acquisition of the operating license is among the 2020 targets.

Low Production Cost compared to peers in Russia, Australia, South Africa, Colombia and Indonesia.

Annual Coal Production (6 Longwalls)

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