At a Glance

Market Leader
  • The World’s 2nd largest high quality high carbon ferrochrome producer
  • #4 player in global chromium industry
  • Export to more than 50 countries with 19 warehouses located 11 different country in the world.
  • World’s highest quality, lowest Sulphur, lowest ash coal of minimum 6,300 kcal/kg thermal value
Global Presence
  • Operating in 7 different countries.
  • Consisting of 10 companies
  • Vargön Alloys, is one of the oldest and biggest furnaces in the world
Production Leader
  • 2.5 million tons consolidated annual chrome ore production capacity
  • 550,000 tons consolidated annual high quality ferrochrome production capacity
  • The largest ferrochrome producer in Russia; 30% of Russian production

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