Yılmaden is the only global company that produces High Carbon Ferrochrome in 3 countries.

We proudly stated that we are the #2 high quality High Carbon Ferrochrome (HC FeCr) producer in the world with 12 electrical arc furnaces located in three different countries. 14 different types of high quality HC FeCr products are produced based on the market demand and customers’ needs.

Our technical know-how in metallurgical smelting increases through vertical integration in supply chain starting from mining to mineral processing and metal production. Also, best practices / experience sharing between Eti Krom, Vargön anf Tikhvin increases collaboration.

Through submerged arc furnaces, conventional high carbon ferrochromium production is basically carried-out by carbothermic method, using chrome ore, fluxes and carbon based reductants such as coal, metallurgical coke, anthracite.


We are the largest chrome ore and ferrochrome producer in Turkey. Following YILDIRIM’s acquisition in 2004, the idle furnaces were revamped and the plant was modernized.

  • 4 Furnaces in Elazig, Turkey
  • 160,000 tpy HC FeCr Production Capacity
  • 2x17 MVA Open Type: 50,000 tpy
  • 2x30 MVA Semi-Closed Type: 100,000 tpy
  • Slag Recovery: 10,000 tpy


The company was founded in 1874 as Wargöns AB. Its first alloy furnace was installed in 1912. In the early 1970s, Vargön Alloys commissioned the world's largest smelting furnace for ferroalloys. The company since then has grown to become a major producer of specialized grades of high carbon ferrochrome.

  • 4 Furnaces in Vargön, Sweden
  • 240,000 tpy HC FeCr Production Capacity
  • 1x105 MVA: 110,000 tpy
  • 1x48 MVA: 65,000 tpy
  • 2x24 MVA: 55,000 tpy
  • Slag Recovery: 10,000 tpy
  • Alternatively 24,000 tpy FeSi Production Capacity (by 48 MVA)


It is the newest ferroalloy smelter in CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) region. With modern metallurgical equipment pool, high level automation and clean technology it is not only state of art but also environmental friendly and ecological safe facility.

  • 4 Furnaces in Tikhvin, Russia
  • 120,000 tpy HC FeCr Production Capacity
  • 4x25 MVA: Semi-Closed Type: 120,000 tpy
  • Average Chrome Content of 69.5%

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